Spot X Underwater Vision is proud to introduce the Squid.
Pair the Squid with your GoPro and you’ve got one of the most advanced and flexible live underwater camera systems on the market.

Key Features


Purpose Built

Designed, tested and assembled in Australia; no shortcuts have been taken in the development or production of the Squid.



Troll the Squid to look back towards your lure; or slowly inspect the reef in forward looking drift mode.



Rated to 100 metres, the Squid will go almost anywhere you do.


Camera Compatibility

Optimised for GoPro 3/3+/4 and Garmin Virb cameras.



Included accessories deliver unlimited battery life and full underwater control of your camera.


Live Stream

Live stream to your phone, tablet TV, or sounder/plotter, so you can watch every strike.

The Spot X Squid has been designed to harness the power of your camera, and get you closer than ever to your underwater world.